Saturday, February 8, 2014

10000 - 25000 INR just for smiling and posing??????

Yesterday I read in an article that, a model who is just smiling and posing for the camera standing next to a branded car gets 10000 to 25000 rupees per day. Is smile that expensive these days. All girls like to dress up well and pose for the camera. And if that thing is paid it's well and good. But is it such an easy job as it seems. How many of us without any inhibition face hundreds of camera and communicate so easily to such big crowds???? Hardly few right!!!! So I guess it's kind of hard job. Also the competition in that field is too high. We know only the successful ones but there are a group which is forgotten in the crowd shedding all their wings. Really it's a tough world to live until and unless you know all the tactics it needs. So is it a small amount or a big amount after such a big deal???????? Think before judging..........


  1. thats right
    it s for nothing one is paid handsomely !!
    nothing comes easy...

  2. Yes some models are paid high, but its a tough competition there (and it is one field where qualifications don't matter)

  3. @deeps : but every job have it's value........ @haddock : but the situations are difrnt now a days............