Sunday, February 2, 2014

4 U My Love

 I'm in no way a poet
To confess my love for you
In a poetic way
As you wish to hear it from me
But the love that
I posess for you in my heart
Is a divine love
Which I could never
Part with anyone else
Other than you
I love you for no reason
But for the reason love
The love for true love
Nothing could part
My heart from you
Is the only promise
That I hold for you
The three words
'I Love You'
Can't hold the real depth
For the love, emotion & passion
That i hold for you
Deep in my heart
I'm a part of you now
You are my destiny
I'm for you for ever & ever
And this is the truth of my life
I Love You my sweetheart.............


  1. hope he has a poem for you too :)

    1. @deeps: thnks..........hope that u lyk ma ws jst a trial fr the blogger

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  3. @chithra: elaavarum ente sweet hrt aaneda............evn u too ma dear........

  4. Ammuzz nice words. Go ahead with ur writing........