Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Me a FEMINIST???????? naaaaaaa.............

"Why do boys have all the fun" what an advertisement tagline !!!!!! It could spice up the ego in men and women. The media in the race of making profit and heaps of money. Those media creations made such a big wall between man and woman. Even the meaning of feminism has been modified by the media.  They visualizes the world where women are under men and they need to react back. No one supports equality among man and woman. Everyone is busy in making them superior. Equality is not there in their dictionary. The women who believe in themselves as feminist really don't know what it is. They should be trying to make woman equal to man. But they forget that and starts to make woman superior than man. Also the society have a habit of irritating woman. If woman stands up and ask their right. Immediately the question follows "Are you a feminist". Why this happens when a girl or woman ask their rights they make the woman a feminist who is trying to be above man. But this stage have to be revised. Live by knowing your rights and ask for your rights. Because everyone deserves a better life in this world.........


  1. well, dont women have fun?
    and by the way is there anything wrong in being a feminist ?

  2. @deeps: ys ofcrse who tld u that womn don't have fun......... y they shud try to b a feminst wats the fun in making one group superior n the othr inferior..........its so much fun to njoy the life with equality