Sunday, March 30, 2014

Leader - a big deal??????

Hot topic of the hot season - ELECTION. The whole country is heated up for the entry of the most awaited leader. Many leaders one race for the ultimate position. I still don't get the concept of the present time politics strategies and election. Each day new parties will be born and with new trends. Also new leaders emerge. They becomes the trendsetter of the time for people and all the people will be praising them. All on a sudden from nowhere a scam appears against them. People then change their opinions and we got another two groups. I used to wonder how these people makes rules in politics. Even the qualifications needed for a politician also surprises me. The government when comes to choosing a leader runs against the rules which they kept for the common people. In a government office no one is allowed to work after 60 years of age. They are asked to retire. But why is this system not applicable for the politicians. Most of the leaders who take in charge of our country's duty is of the retirement age. Even the so called youngest leader is also 40+. When the government itself know the truth that old age causes trouble in fulfilling one's responsibility how come the people who have the power be too old. How can the people trust on their decisions fully. Leader should be the one with ability and not with past life experiences. The government itself doesn't allow a senior citizen to rule even a single office but give the full country in his hands. How hypocritical the rules are. As some one said " all people are special but some people are more special". Even the people who handle different affairs of our country won't even know the basics of that subject. We are such a great hearted people that we allow them to make us fool.  Even we have been introduced to a new system. By understanding that system i thought actually are they making us fools again. The system is like if you don't wish to vote for any party you can opt a special button supporting the view point that no one deserves my vote or i don't wish to vote anyone. But still the one who gets the majority will rule us. No importance for the new system. I wish one day everything changes. The rules, system, etc. But is that the thing really to be changed or is it us that is to be changed......Really a serious matter to think................JAI HIND....

Monday, March 17, 2014

Human robots..........

                  Hey, people by looking into the title don't have a misconception that am going to write a topic based on science. From my schooldays on I was seriously bad in science subjects. I can't fall in love with a subject called science where everything’s works solely on logic. There is no value for emotions and feelings in it. Schooldays reminds me of many other things. When I look back I even felt it more appealing as factories than schools. The factories which make human robots.
                                                           According to me, a school is a place where the children are developed mentally and encouraged with all their abilities. Also, a place where brotherhood and unity should be taught. But now are we having such schools around us. Once we had such schools where the human values were taught to the students. Nowadays we don't even have such dedicated teachers with a social commitment which we previously had. Those teachers who had thorough knowledge of subjects and the teachers who know what a student to be taught. Now the teaching changed to be just another money making profession. The teachers just do it for making money without even having any sincerity and social commitment. But they forget the fact that they are spoiling a generation.
                                                          Now we just have the factory-like schools where the children are fitted into a certain agenda fixed by the school authorities. The students are injected with the competition tactics. They are taught to be competitive and to be narrow-minded where the real agenda of giving education to the people is to make them broad-minded. Each student will be different in their tastes, abilities and caliber. They all should be treated differently. But all students are measured on the same scale. And they call it as considering everyone equal. To support that point they even give uniforms to all. But is that the necessary things which should be done for making the feeling of unity.
                                                          First of all, they should teach the students to have their own individuality and also should teach them to respect each other's differences. But that is not the thing which is happening. They treat all the students as if they all are born to be engineers and doctors. Just imagine a world, where there is only engineers and doctors. How unrealistic, dull and horrible it will be. Nature even teach us that there should be differences and varieties around us. That's the beauty as we all know unity in diversity. Why always the students who get high marks in their exams are considered as efficient ones and the others as fools. No one's capacity can be calculated just with their ability to score in their papers. Beyond those stuff there is a beautiful world around us. But the so-called factory schools doesn't even give a chance for the students to enjoy that because they give many other things for these students to focus.
                                                        Personally, I was a person who was not that good at studies in my schooldays. No one ever had a fate on me except my mom. She taught me to believe in myself and the caliber which I have inside me. Through her eyes, I saw a different world where I saw a world of love, brotherhood and unity. Also, I started to believe in myself. No schools had taught me that. Because of my mom, I was escaped from being a human robot. In reality, the schools are creating the students as robots who have the negative human qualities. The schools make the mindset of the students in such a way that they can't withstand or face even a small failure. That's why we hear news about suicide cases when the students fail in exams. Even people judge others with their position, money and status. We forget to look upon the person's character. Sometimes it may be the reason why the crime rates are increasing now. People don't have any human values. They just have self-love. Everyone want to be better than the other. Everyone needs power because the so-called factory schools taught us to be so. If the society has to be changed first our education system should be changed. The teaching style of the schools should be changed. It could change a whole generation itself and we will have a better world. You can learn anything in this world that's your wish but first learn to love and accept.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Nangeli - The incomparable

March 8th is celebrated as an international women's day by the whole world. On this day when I was browsing through the internet "Nangeli" strikes in my eyes. She is a Dalit woman who lived in the early 19th century in Cherthala, a part of Travancore( a place in Kerala) . She made the history with her own blood and not with any gold. In the 19th century, it was a taboo for the lower caste women to cover their breasts. If any of the lower caste women wanted to cover her breast, then they need to pay "Mulakkaram" (breast tax). With the fear of this issue, the lower caste women stopped getting out of their houses. But Nangeli was different from them. She refused to see her beauty as a curse. She even refused to uncover her breast in public and even to pay the tax for it. The news spread like a wildfire and the village officer of Travancore came to know about the news. The village officer then rushed to her house and asked for the breast tax. Even the tax giving was a ritual at that time. The money has to be presented to the village officer on a plantain leaf put before a lighted traditional lamp. But Nangeli did a different thing. Instead of the money she chopped her breast and give that to the village officer on the plantain leaf. Soon she collapsed due to the huge loss of blood and died. Her husband jumped in to her pyre and committed suicide and it became the first recorded incident of male-sati.

Truly Nangeli is incomparable. She was a real courageous woman. Nangeli was not having the support of her society, but she stand alone for her right. With blood, she gave the answer for the injustice shown to the lower caste women. But in the present world who will have that much courage to do such a daring thing. Our ancestors had a hard time in attaining our rights and freedom. And what our generation is doing. We all know to complain. We always complain to our parents that we need freedom, we need our privacy, blah blah blah. Today we can't find a woman like Nangeli who holds that much self-respect for herself. Women are a commodity now. Everywhere women are observed as a commodity. Even women encourage it. In many ways women are exploited. Everywhere she has to go through many harassments. Mentally and physically they are harassed. Every day we hear news about rapes, harassments, etc. We all celebrate march 8th as international women's day and say big big words about women. But who is really there to stand up for women and to speak out for her. Everywhere women are struggling for her rights. Even sometimes I feel that women itself is against women. She itself won't speak out for her. In today's world we need women like Nangeli. Nangeli, the woman who fought for her right till the last drop of her blood. Let's hope that the world will be much more beautiful with more bold and beautiful women in the near future.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The real GURU.........

In the present world which we are living is filled with spiritual gurus. Each day the number is rising. But does people gets really spiritual? I always felt that these spiritual gurus don't want to be just gurus they all want to be the divine power. Though they don't admit it but their way of doing things is like that. From my childhood onwards I don't believe in such human gods. My relatives are followers of one or the other Such human gods. I used to have a hard time debating to such hardcore believers. I did my schooling from a school which was under the trust of  Sree Narayana Guru. He is the only guru who inspired me. Now people will be thinking that I am being a hypocrite. But I have an explanation for this thing too. Unlike all the other so-called Gurus he is the one who told the people not to worship him. Also, he didn't allow people to be exploited with their beliefs. But the people who called themselves as his followers itself exploited him. Those people did all those things which Sree Narayana Guruji himself restricted the people to do. He was the guru who stands for the minorities when education was forbidden for the poor and lower caste people. Earlier in India, all the privileges were only given to the upper class and the lower class people were totally neglected. It was considered as a sin to educate or see or touch a lower caste person. They used to punish the lower caste people severely when by mistake they hear any "Vedas". At that time only Sree Narayana Guru came. He didn't come to the life of the people as a God but only as a Guru. Still, people consider him as Guru and not as god. Only the people who really don't know what he is consider him as a god. Sree Narayana Guru was the one who told the people that "There is only one caste, one god and one religion for man". But it was later misinterpreted as "there is only one caste, one god and one religion for one man". A smart change for the exploiting men. He even was against the idea of going to temples, churches and mosques. He was the one who kept a mirror and asked the people to look at it and pray. With that, he meant first you realize the god within you. God is living inside us and not in stones and all. We shouldn't go in search of god to anywhere. God is with us and within us. But when he died the people who are called as the followers of him shrewdly used it to make a different group. He taught us to live in unity but soon after his death, his followers itself started to form a group in his name. I don't know whether we could call them as his followers. They did all the things against his teachings.
                                                         Now the state in Kerala is even pathetic. People are selling god. Even they are making news out of it. The trust and belief of the people are exploited here. But I can't blame these human gods at first hand. Are they the one who is wrong or the people who encourage them with their foolish belief. From my childhood onwards I believed that god gives us everything. But nowadays there are a lot of exchange offers for gods. I don't get that idea. These people request to god for things and will offer him back small things like 5 rupees, candles, etc. By doing this you are actually insulting the god and your belief. God doesn't need anything from us in return as a tribute. He gives us everything. He just needs our love and trust on him. We are all god's children, we can ask him things also consider him as our best friend. We can share many things with him. I feel that the problem is with today's society. Because previously there were no such human gods around us. Our busy society lead all these stuff. If you have a loving family you could share your things among them. They will love you unconditionally and will help you out with all the problems. You don't have to search for such human gods for peace. If there is love care and peace in our family that will be enough. But today we all don't have time for each other. All are busy in running. But no one knows for what we run. Everyone is ambitious. Many communication gadgets are available for us now. But that made us more distant from the person who is sitting next to us. We don't mind in spending money for the human gods also we are ready to spend hours in waiting for such human gods. Why can't you people spend time with the people who really cares you and loves you other than who pretends that they love and care you?
                                                     I believe my whole lifetime in Sree Narayan Guruji's preaching and I follow it from the heart and not with misconceptions. Don't be fooled yourself with your neglection. Realize yourself and the god within you. True love is the solution for all your problems and not human gods. Open your eyes people. Stay loved.