Sunday, March 30, 2014

Leader - a big deal??????

Hot topic of the hot season - ELECTION. The whole country is heated up for the entry of the most awaited leader. Many leaders one race for the ultimate position. I still don't get the concept of the present time politics strategies and election. Each day new parties will be born and with new trends. Also new leaders emerge. They becomes the trendsetter of the time for people and all the people will be praising them. All on a sudden from nowhere a scam appears against them. People then change their opinions and we got another two groups. I used to wonder how these people makes rules in politics. Even the qualifications needed for a politician also surprises me. The government when comes to choosing a leader runs against the rules which they kept for the common people. In a government office no one is allowed to work after 60 years of age. They are asked to retire. But why is this system not applicable for the politicians. Most of the leaders who take in charge of our country's duty is of the retirement age. Even the so called youngest leader is also 40+. When the government itself know the truth that old age causes trouble in fulfilling one's responsibility how come the people who have the power be too old. How can the people trust on their decisions fully. Leader should be the one with ability and not with past life experiences. The government itself doesn't allow a senior citizen to rule even a single office but give the full country in his hands. How hypocritical the rules are. As some one said " all people are special but some people are more special". Even the people who handle different affairs of our country won't even know the basics of that subject. We are such a great hearted people that we allow them to make us fool.  Even we have been introduced to a new system. By understanding that system i thought actually are they making us fools again. The system is like if you don't wish to vote for any party you can opt a special button supporting the view point that no one deserves my vote or i don't wish to vote anyone. But still the one who gets the majority will rule us. No importance for the new system. I wish one day everything changes. The rules, system, etc. But is that the thing really to be changed or is it us that is to be changed......Really a serious matter to think................JAI HIND....


  1. There are so many drawbacks an inabilities in our political system. We have to change the system.

    I have a doubt, What will happen if NOTA got majority of votes ? Re-polling ?

    1. @harinath: evn if NOTA gt the majority it's nt of any use...........i also was havng the same doubt a u had............whn NOTA gets the majority it's nt takn in to consideratn............the political party whch gt even a minimum majority othr than the NOTA is givn the chnc to rule............kind of fooling us....that's all...........

  2. Great points.
    I very rarely discus politics as our leaders mostly care about winning.
    When they take power 'all the promises for change' are broken.

  3. where are you? no updates? come back soon :-)