Thursday, June 12, 2014


                                Feelings the ultimate source of all our life. It lead us the life we all live. Feelings make us to take decisions. So when we think deeply feelings are the source of life itself. We have lot many feelings depending on the situations. Even we have feelings contrary to the situation specially when it comes to women's mood swings. We are not able to predict our own feelings. We don't know what feelings will be next. The specialty of feelings is that only once when it conquers us then only we will come to know that we now have a feeling.
                               Like everything else in this world there are negative and positive feelings. And those feelings rule our life. Strange is the fact that others can influence feelings in us. Lets just see what all feelings a human have.
                              We have the most special feeling called the LOVE. Hmmm by hearing that word itself arouses so many feelings inside us. It is the most strong feeling a person have. It can also trigger so many feelings at a time. The most beautiful feeling for any living being to have. Love is the only feeling with different definitions. It won't be same with every person. We have different kind of love for different person. Even in that there is a differentiation. It's called as conditional and unconditional love. How strange....but how beautiful.......
                             It's very very rare to find something called as unconditional love. Even I ought to think whether it's a myth. Everyone says that our parents love is unconditional but when I think deeply I feel that so many conditions are attached to it. The conditions are for the long run. Atleast care is expected.
                             Every other love is conditional. It's filled with lots of expectations. People love because of their self love. Hard to realize buy when you think hard you will realize. If we don't do certain things up to the expectations of the other person who says that they really love or like us, it will definitely disappoint them. Then misunderstands arises. Think hard and harder. Because the whole process is a complex one.
                             In the further posts I will write up on the other feelings in my way. Taking a small pause for not making you crazy for my writing.


  1. Defining a FEELING is very difficult. Definition or Explanation is group of Words. But Words makes different sense in different person. For example Love, Faith, Silence....

    It is an interesting topic. Continue....

  2. This morning my feelings are a mumble jumble as I did not get much sleep.
    Having my Golden Retriever right next to my feet makes me feel love for him and being loved in return.
    That is all I got on feelings this morning ... too tired to think ... LOL
    Good topic and writing ...

  3. Just came by to say 'hi'
    Hope all is well.