Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year..........

Each year it's not the same. Same as that it's not the same this year. Everyone expects good things to happen this year. But is the world going in the right way. I don't think so. Each year people are losing themselves. The quality of love is diminishing each day. Last year we heard the death of so many school children. We all felt pity when the news was there in the newspaper. But what after that???? As it is not in our life why we should bother right!!!! We have our whole new year coming and we have our celebration planning. We don't have time for such painful stories. Let the parents of those children feel the pain. Let us enjoy and forget that those things happen in the same world where we also play a part. Also we can forget tomorrow it may happen in our life too. Let us forget and plan for our new year party... Lets enjoy with crackers, lights, sweets.........lets enjoy in the pub.......lets forget the pain of the world.......just enjoy our happiness... Because all that is important is our happiness... What a world and what a mentality....HAPPY NEW YEAR....


  1. Happy New Year.
    You have a wonderful and conscientious heart.
    Thanks for sharing this.