Friday, October 2, 2015

Finding Myself

                                                    It is not easy to lose ourselves until we find ourselves. My destiny started from my mom's womb and its still in the process of travelling. Miseries, crisis, struggles, problems and all one after the other. There were so many obstacles to cross to reach where I need to. I bothered a lot but when I stopped bothering then I started to live.  My biggest struggle was to learn how to say "NO". Also it was a challenge. I degraded my value by comparing it with others. I insulted myself by not believing in myself. I always gave myself the last position in all the places where I need to give it the first position. Once I felt my beliefs and thoughts are insane but later my experiences shown me the other way. I started to walk through my viewpoint, which only I could see and feel. Then I started to enjoy my true freedom.... the true joy of life. I may be late to realize but am in my right path for myself. As a true saying "It is always better late than never"........