Saturday, March 25, 2017

The New Me !!!!!!!!

            In my life, I have reached a point where no relationship or any person that makes me crave anymore. The fakeness filled around me made the new me realize that no one other than your parents are worth your true self. All the rest relationships come with conditions. Everyone expects things from you but no one is ready to reflect it back. They just have a good time with you and when the target is completed soon they disappear from your life. It's simple as that. The new me don't prefer to play the victim of my life but love to rule my life. No one has the power to beat me in my life unless I provide it to them. I have seen and overcome rejection, failure and treachery. But my growth has just begun. And whoever rejected me just wait for the day for it to turn as your biggest regret. The new me have just begun my game. The game which the new me play with myself. A game which you can never dream of. The new me will rise as the voice that is to be heard and not suppressed. Today I see my future, a future soon to be my present and the best past in the unseen future.

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